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We offer a wide range of options including Sports, Thai, Swedish, Prenatal, Cupping and Hot Stones Massage.


There are several health benefits of massage therapy:

  • Manage Stress and Anxiety:  Receiving a massage is relaxing. It can help release tension in the body as well as calm the body and mind.

  • Boost the Immune System:  A massage can help to stimulate the activity of the immune system. It can help to reduce swelling, promote better circulation of the lymph system, help to move toxins and reduce fluid retention.

  • Enhance the Circulatory System:  The motions in massage can help to improve the circulatory system and help the heart deliver the blood that the body needs. When circulation is better, the whole body receives more blood as well as the oxygen and nutrients it carries, which can enhance healing.

  • Improve Range of Motion and Flexibility:  A massage session will help loosen joints. Since this is done while massaging the muscles, the body is relaxed and more receptive to stretches the therapist will do during the session.

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