• $40 for individual member

  • $25 for one additional family* member

  • $10 each for two or more additional family* members

*Family is defined as spouse or children living in the same household.  Only children ages 12-25 can be family add-on members.    


  • Guest Fee:  $5 per guest per visit 


  • Memberships are paid monthly starting on the day you join.   

  • Regular monthly dues apply thereafter with payments made on the same day of the month you joined. Written notice of 30 days must be given to assure cancellation of memberships.  No partial months.

  • Personal training, group fit classes, massage therapy, Pilates and table tennis are offered by UFIT Health but are not included in the membership dues.  Members will be charged an additional fee for any of these services.        

  • Memberships are not required for those who only use the gym when working out with a personal trainer, massage therapist, Pilates instructor or to play Table Tennis. You will not be allowed to use any other area of the gym without a membership.

  • UFIT Health has a strict age requirement policy. Persons under the age of 12 are not permitted in the gym.  Members 12 – 14 years of age are only permitted under the direct supervision of a parent, legal guardian, or personal trainer. Members age 15 – 17 are permitted with the written consent of a parent or legal guardian.



  • Table tennis is available for all members. Play is limited to 60 minutes, first-come, first-serve (no pun intended).  

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