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Pilates is an exercise method designed to condition and connect body and mind while toning the body.  Anyone can do Pilates, regardless of age or physical limitations.

The training benefits of Pilates includes:

  • Increased strength, body toning, endurance and speed

  • Increased coordination and muscle balance

  • Improved flexibility of the spine and joints

  • Improved body alignment and better posture

  • Development of core strength in abdominals and leaner muscles

  • Enhanced breathing capabilities.

Our Pilates trainers utilize several different types of machines during their sessions. The Pilates reformer uses spring, straps and a moving carriage to provide for a variety of exercises. The cadillac is often referred to as a trapeze table  The cadillac contains various adjustable parts to perform countless exercises which truly challenge the core muscles (abdominals and back) and it helps to develop spinal flexibility.  The pilates exo chair is also excellent for strengthening the core muscles, as well as arms and legs.  The chair offers a range of exercises to increase stability and flexibility.  

Client Testimonials

"After doing personal training in Pilates with Jodie for a year and a half, I can say without reservation that she is absolutely fantastic. Jodie has a vast knowledge of Pilates, fitness and nutrition, which is combined with a rare professionalism that is hard to find. In our sessions, she is fun and nurturing, and always encourages me to be my best.  I've never had the same workout twice and I learn new moves in each session, so it never gets boring.  I always leave our sessions energized and feeling like I was challenged.  I've experienced fewer injuries and as an added benefit, I have lost 5 inches off my waist.  I was so impressed with Jodie, that I convinced my parents, who are in their late 60's, to start training with her too.  Their results have been phenomenal.  No matter your age or fitness goals, you can't go wrong with working with Jodie!" -Allison L.

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